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Cherokee Blood

 Cherokee Blood
 I,born of the Cherokee man,
 As their mothers and fathers were,
 No blending to erase because of race,
 I, a full-blooded Cherokee man.
 Raised by a white man, 
 Without Cherokee blood.
 Grew old in my blood,
 Memories not told.
 Known by the Tribe as a white guy, 
 With Cherokee blood,
 Known by the white guy,
 As a full Cherokee Man.
 Moving forward I wed,
 A full Cherokee woman,
 Our children, raised by the Tribe,
 My ancestry is alive. 

copyright Bert Webb 2019

Light and Dark Doorways

Chapter 1

The Storm

On a bright and sunny morning in the middle of May Adam, who had just recently celebrated his 13th birthday, was out for a walk. Adam liked to walk the woods and be in tune with nature. On one of his many excursions, and he had many, a thunderstorm approached and Adam was in the middle of a large field without protection. The storm came quickly and Adam knowing the dangers with lightning strikes, and he could see many as it was a severe, very severe lightning storm, one, which he had not experienced before. As he looked all around, he could see no shelter and he was open to danger and without any protection. Adam was calm by nature so he started to walk and took the path that he knew would take him home to safety. After walking a minute or two, lightning struck the ground in front of him and arced in a circle around him. Adam could feel warmth and a tingling in his body and knew he was feeling something he had not felt before.

He fell to the ground and became hot with cold chills at the same time, lost consciousness, his head was hurting and his vision was blurred. Not knowing how long he had been there when he awoke the sky was clear without a cloud and the storm had passed. Well, Adam did not feel badly at all. In fact, he felt rather energized. Adam continued walking, as he was still several miles from his house, and arrived there being happy that he survived the storm.

His mother, Anna, greeted him when he got home.  “Adam, where were you during that terrible storm?”

Adam replied, “I was in the midst of it. I was in a field with nowhere to go and lightning struck close by and I could feel its warmth and I was not sure whether I was going to live but I did and I feel good so the lightning did not do any damage”.

Adam’s mother hugged him, as she was very happy, knowing what damage lightning could do and how it could have severely damaged or even killed him. She was very protective of Adam, especially since her daughter Evelyn left home looking for work two years ago and had not been heard from since. She told him to go get some dry clothes and clean up, and she would fix him a nice meal, as it was approaching suppertime.

As they were eating the storm returned and the lightning struck again just outside the house. The lightning again circled but not just Adam but it encircled the whole house, the lights went out and both Adam and his mother were in fear. The storm passed and did no apparent damage and Adam told his mother that is what I went through mom by myself out in the middle of that field so we both were lucky that we were not hurt.

The next morning Adam went to school and he walked as he normally did because the school was only a few blocks from his home. His day was typical until he we started his math class of which was not one of his favorite classes. The teacher had a quiz that day on what the class had been studying for the past week and put questions in pre-algebra on the blackboard and asked the class to write the answers down on a piece of paper and when they had the answer they could leave and leave the answers on the desk. Without even thinking, Adam wrote two answers down, put the paper on the desk, got up, and left the room which Adam’s teacher thought very unusual, as Adam was not a good math student. She knew Adam always had problems learning but he could learn. Knowing Adam was a serious-minded young man she just did not know what to think when he wrote the answers down, got up, and left the room. She waited until all the students finished and left the classroom then picked the answers from Adam’s desk and sure enough, Adam had written down the answers correctly. This intrigued the teacher and she just did not know what to think but she would ask Adam next time she saw him.

When Adam came in the next day—and he always came early—the teacher took him aside and said, “Adam, how did you do those two math questions so quickly? You were the first one done.”

Adam said yes he was even surprised himself but when he looked at the questions on the blackboard, they just seemed to be easy and as he read them, he understood exactly how to do the problem.

The teacher said, “That is great Adam and let us hope it continues”. There was no test that day or the rest of the week.

At the end of the day, when Adam returned home he talked to his mother and told her something good has happened. “You know I am not good at math, but last week when the teacher put two math questions on the blackboard, I knew the answers at once.  I was the first one done and during the week when I read my math assignments, they were easy too.

In fact so easy I did not need to read each word as I just scanned over the words and they all became clear as what to do. I am sure the teacher will be surprised on the next test we take as I think I know pre-algebra almost by heart”.

Adam knew there was something different about the way he now knew things.  In addition, the teacher and his fellow students were becoming aware of his abilities, especially a fellow student, Devon, who did not like Adam and he told the teacher he thought Adam was cheating.

Adam was not used to all this attention and the thought of his friends thinking he cheated was hard on him. Therefore, he instinctively started to act the way he learned before and his teacher and fellow students soon treated him again like good old Adam as Adam was a nice kid and everybody liked him. Everybody except Devon who seemed to be jealous of Adam.

As time went on Adam excelled in all his classes but never let on and even purposely missed questions on tests so his test results would be average with his class. As Adam was in the seventh grade, he would need to hide his abilities for five more years and even though he thought at the time this would be difficult, those years did pass quickly. Adam still tested as an average student even though his learning abilities at school and at home very high on all subjects. Adam and his mother often talked on the subject of his mental abilities, where and why he had them.

After graduation, Adam revisited the field where the lightning had hit close to him and it was a clear June afternoon. Almost to the exact spot in the middle of that open field, storm clouds were upon him, very dark and full of lightning flashing vertical and horizontal across the sky when a lightning strike hit the ground in front of him and arced in a circle and he was in its center, just like what had happened five years prior. This time when Adam awoke from the physical stress of the lightning hitting close to him, he realized his senses were elevated to the point where he visualized his mother in the kitchen, baking bread. He also was aware if he were only to think of a place his mind he could go there with the timeline being now. As he sat cross-legged in that field he knew he could also levitate, read minds, and do things that no human before him has been able to do. He knew there was a reason for all these gifts and abilities but was not sure what they were and where the future was going to take him. He would just return home and tell no one as he thought strongly about this.

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You, born of flesh without knowledge

You, born of flesh, molded by love

You, in time became one with another

Gave birth, flesh without knowledge

You molded flesh with love although not of its penchant

Flesh took a path, different from you and failed the ordeal

Flesh inclined others they also followed his ways

When your box is ready, put away are you

May ceremony be your wishes, and have someone to follow through

You died, boxed and put away, without ceremony as wished

Vengeance is not mine even when your one with another

Is ceremoniously declined



We move in freedom, we move in mind, Nothing to slow us, our thoughts are pure. We travel from here going to there, with nothing to bind, our thoughts are pure. Some time ago, as the vastness was, never ending, never ending where I was, and we searched for freedom, which surely is. My travel friends and the ones I love moved freely searching ever searching. We moved in and with the light and avoided, the darkness as it weighed heavy on our search for freedom. We were coming, my travel friends and I; we were going, my friends and I searching ever searching as we raced through the unknown. We searched for goodness as we thought it would be, we searched for freedom my friends and me, we ran from the darkness it was not to be. Like a rope or glue binding us there, breaking free was hard and told impossible. Having faith my friends and me, we moved forward and crossed the vastness never ending never ending. Chased by darkness to renew its hold, chased by darkness cold ever so cold, chased by darkness through the vastness never ending, light, light, light is our friend. Soon we found our freedom, soon we found our light but darkness was always nearby. We took the form, as it is here; we took the form and were pleased. Here you replenish although with an end but your spirit goes forward never ending, never ending. As my travel friends and I were born of thought, here to be born is different and we are happy and content. We found our freedom as guided by the light and we are happy and content.


They were speaking loudly.

Nothing could I hear.

Volumes are clear.

Chatter is around me,

Nothing could I hear.

Am I listening?

Copyright 2011 by Genebrother

One Week For Seven Days

The best trade I ever made,

great in value.

Did not I lose?

The best trade I ever made,

full of bounty.

Did not I gain?

One week is seven days, of variety.

One week is seven days,

past or yet to come.

One week is seven days,

one day after another.

Seven days are seven days,

all of my choosing.

Copyright 2011 by Genebrother

To go to Rome is little profit,

Endless Pain.

The Master that you seek in Rome,

You find at home,

Or seek in vain.

Anonymous Irish poet

 A Multitude of Reasons

 A multitude of reasons pass by my brow

as the path of illumination embraces,

and they all lead to sorrow.

The deed of destruction comes upon me,

disguised as many things, even love and

often the deed is passed, rarely cloaked.

 We beg thee a return to the past,

a new day that will bring forth what is yours,

what is yours and only yours to give.

 As the multitude of reasons pass my brow,

all were of good intention, passed with love,

all were of good intention but led to sorrow.

 We beg of thee a return to the past,

a new day to bring forth what is  yours,

and only yours to give.

 Forgiveness is what is asked.

 Copyright 2011 by Genebrother



I speak therefore I am speaking.

I hear, therefore I am hearing.

A gentle blush of air, thunder from above.

It is inconsequential,

Moments ago, long passed,

long passed is now.

Copyright 2011 by Genebrother


I knew her when the seed was placed, I am part of her,

I knew her as I first breathed air, her touch was comfort.

She was with me as I was pure, she taught me, nurtured me,

I was sure to be, everlasting, as she was part of me.

Mother knew, just what to do and in my case, experience

was not lacking as mother had ten and we all knew her well,

when the seed was placed, we are part of her.

She was with us when we were pure, she taught us, nurtured us,

we were sure to be, everlasting, as she was, are we.

Our lives went forward and branched in different ways.

Our lives branched forward; we are all here to confess,

Mother knew, just what to do and say that was for our best.

Older now we bear witness, of many grand memories,

Mother knew, just what to say and do, what was for our best.

Some have not yet realized the best she gave was free,

as was given to her she passed in kind for all of us to have,

She gave what was free

As long as breath is within my being, hopefully full and a

reflection of her, I’ll always give witness everlasting

Copyright 2011 by Genebrother